Flits is Now integrated with Vajro : Access all Flits’ features through Vajro Mobile App

Posted by Rashmi Singh on


Flits is proud to announce that we are now integrating with Vajro App- The Instant Mobile App factory. This was done after we repeated requests from our merchants. After integration, Vajro users will be able to provide all Flits features on their App. Customers will be able to see Flits customer account page, credits, social login, wishlist etc on the store App created by Vajro. Flits Professional & enterprise plan users can enjoy this feature


Vajro is one of the top Shopify Mobile App has an average rating of 4.9. You can improve customer retention and your sales with Vajro.


How does this integration benefit Merchants?

So far merchants who were using both Flits and Vajro were unable to provide the Flits’ interface on their Mobile Applications. Every customer that wasn't using a browser to access the store was unable to see Flits customer account page, Credits, wishlist, re-order option, social login and other features that the merchant has installed. Once merchants integrate Flits with Vajro they will be able to provide all the features of Flits to their customers on their Mobile  App.


How does this integration benefit the customers?

After the integration customers can access all their data through the store’s Mobile App by Vajro instead of checking through the browser. This eliminates the extra effort the customer has to put in to check his Flits’ profile page, Store Credit, Wishlist or login through social media accounts.


This Integration will be highly beneficial to all the parties involved. We hope that the merchants and customers will both enjoy using Flits through Vajro Mobile App.