Do more with your Shopify customer accounts page

Summarize all your shopper data in one place - profile, store credits, wishlist, reorder, recently viewed products, delivery address.

Never lose data that could increase Shopify sales!

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Understand your customers better

Every shopper is different. Understanding them is the key to increase Shopify sales!

With the Flits Shopify customer account page, you get an overview of the products they like, the repeat purchases they
make, products they browse through and how they interact with your store.

What the usual Shopify customer account page looks like


What the Flits Shopify
customer account page looks like


Sell more with better personalization

Use your Shopify customer accounts page to understand the customer’s preferences.

See which products they saved in their wishlists, their recently viewed products, and order history.

Use the Shopper’s data for retargeting campaigns on Social media and making personalized product recommendations. Set up upsell and cross-sell campaigns to increase your average order value!


Drive more repeat purchases

Look into the order history of your customers, analyze the products they are interested in and the re-orders made.

Identify a purchase pattern your shoppers are displaying to understand what motivates them to buy from you.

Use the data to drive repeat purchases by tailoring your retargeting campaigns and product promotions.

Boost customer engagement and retention

Put your Shopify customers’ account data to personalize shopping experiences.

Optimize your Shopify store and tailor your marketing campaigns. Match your messaging to suit the customer’s interests and preferences.

Boost your customer engagement, improve retention and grow your loyal customer base!


Collect more data with custom fields

Collect important data with the custom fields Get data in numbers, text, alphabet with numbers, dates, time, and documents.

Display custom fields on the sign-up and profile pages, and use the data to provide a smoother shopping experience to customers.

Send personal notes, customize orders and utilize other data you may need for legal reasons or processing orders.

There’s more to Flits than a Shopify customer accounts page


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Why choose Flits for your Shopify store?

Flits is one of the best Shopify apps when it comes to understanding your customers.

We offer a one-stop solution for improving customer engagement, customer retention and boosting customer loyalty.

Built by continually researching and analyzing the changing customer behavior, Flits equips your store with features that help increase Shopify sales!

Get to know your shoppers better
with Shopify customer accounts
using Flits.