We Rise By Lifting Others

Giving Back 1% Of




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Generosity is not limited to material

possessions; it is also about giving our

time, knowledge, and compassion.

There is always something valuable

we can offer

Giving back
One Percent of

Giving back “one percent of everything we can” is a powerful concept

that encourages our team members to contribute a small portion of

their resources, whether it be money, time, or expertise to anyone in

need and make a positive difference in the world.

we firmly believe

genuine growth
stems from our

to support both

organizations in need.

Since inception "giving back" has been an integral part of our corporate culture.
To this end, we have committed to allocating 1% of our time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our profit to communities that need our help. We actively encourage our team members to dedicate 1% of their time, money or expertise with the society.
We offer financial aid in the form of our product to small businesses and start-ups. We firmly believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships for new and upcoming businesses that might be facing budgetary constraints, thus enabling them to benefit from our services.
We prioritise making donations by contributing 1% of our profits to startups, students' education, or non-profit organisations that have a positive impact in our community.
Additionally, our team members passionately participate in social work activities aligned with their ethics and interests. Our team of experts collaborates with startups to help them achieve their goals by integrating our products with theirs, thereby attracting more customers.
If you wish to get involved, and make a meaningful contribution to our cause, we invite you to download our app and join us in our collective efforts.
While not all of our efforts can be experienced through a camera's click, we would like to share a few images that capture the essence of our Giving Back cause.
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