About this Billing Policy

Transparent Business Policies is the key to a successful and trustworthy Business Relationship.

We never intend to misguide our merchants. Not a single bit of our application usage terms are hidden.

Transparent Billing Policy is a part of this open conversation.

In Flits, We are following the Shopify Billing API. We are not taking any hidden charges. Each billing cycle will be monitored and approved via the Shopify Billing platform. You will be billed for what you have approved via the Shopify Approve Billing page. Charges on the approved billing page will be the same as displayed on the Billing Page of Flits Admin. Charges on Flits admin will be displayed based on the Subscription Plan and Paid premium tool selection.

No extra charges or No any hidden charges are taken by Flits application.

How you can explore Flits' features?

  • We offer 30 days free trial.
  • In Free Trial, you just have to follow the Billing Process (By selecting plan and premium tool as per your business need) and the free trial will be applied automatically.
  • You can explore all Subscription Plans and all four Premium tools in the Free trial.
  • Billing Cycle will start after the trial days ends and the monthly payment will be deducted as per Shopify Billing Cycle of your store.

Billing Structure:

  • We have 3 Subscription Plans and 4 Paid Premium tools.
  • Subscription Plans is offered based on the total no of customers, you can choose it as per your customer base.
  • Merchant has the freedom to choose Paid Premium tools as per requirement. That's why we have not included the Add-On pricing into the Subscription Plans. Learn more about Why we are offering some modules as Premium tools?
  • We follow the Shopify Billing API.
  • We are not taking any hidden charges.
  • After completing your free trial, you will be charged according to the Plan and premium tool selection.
  • Not a single penny more on the charges you have agreed to pay via the Billing Page.

Last 30 days Refund Policy:

  • On the merchant's request, we will refund the last 30 days payment, without any questions.
  • To initiate the refund we have to request Shopify Finance Team, they will process the refund within 4-5 business days.
  • For any refund or billing-related queries contact us on


Subscription Plans and Premium tool prices are subject to change.

  • Exp. If you will upgrade your plan, effective prices of that time would be considered for the final Billing.