Make Shopify re-orders easy with one click

Let your customers repeat an order from your Shopify store
through a single click.

Make it easy to add previously ordered items to cart with
a single click from the order history.

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500 + Reviews

Trusted by 5000+ Shopify merchants

Easier and faster checkouts for repeat orders

Fast forward the re-purchase journey of customers with re-order button.

Customers can skip searching the product again and add their past orders in just one click.

Flits customer account page’s order history tab makes re-ordering look like a child’s play.

Shorten the purchase cycle with pre-filled customer data

Flits Reorder saves product details, shipping and payment
information of the customer in the Shopify customer

The feature helps customers add past ordered items directly
to cart and lets them checkout with filling any additional information.

Decrease checkout time, reduce cart abandonment, Increase sales!


Give flexibility to customers while reordering

Let your customers remove undesirable items from a reorder they’re placing.

Flits Reorder lets the customer include/ exclude items in the reorder, and also increase/ decrease the quantity of the products before adding to the cart for checkout.

Flits is a versatile solution for diverse use cases


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Why use Flits Reorder on your Shopify store?

A detailed order history serves limited purpose if you do not provide an option to re-order items ordered in the past.

Flits reorder button makes re-ordering a breeze by removing the frictions in their online shopping journey.

Flits Reorder button for Shopify stores enables customers to add previously purchased products directly to the cart from their order history the Shopify customer account page. It saves customer the hassle of finding the product again.

Simply put, Flits gives you a sure-shot way to increase Shopify

Increase repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty with Shopify store credits.