Advanced search filters on Shopify store order history

Let your customers keep track of all the products they’ve purchased from your Shopify store.

The Flits Advanced Dashboard lets them sift through purchases on their Shopify customer account.

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Trusted by 5000+ Shopify merchants

Make it easy for customers to keep track of purchases

Want to drive more repeat purchases and win your customer’s heart?

Created based on the request of customers of 25+ Shopify Plus merchants, the Flits Advance Dashboard lets a shopper easily find products from their order history.

Easy order history search filters on Shopify customer accounts

The Flits Advance Dashboard offers a host of features to make it easy for customers to filter their order history.

  • Number of orders (min to max)
  • Number of orders (max to min)
  • Sort by price (low to high)
  • Sort by price (high to low)
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
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Boost customer engagement and increase Shopify sales

When you let your customers keep track of their current and previous purchases, you get a chance to sell more to them.

With the increased engagement and interaction with your Shopify store, you nudge customers to discover more products.

See your Shopify sales increase in no time!

There’s more to Flits than a Shopify Advance Dashboard


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Why choose Flits Advance Dashboard for Shopify?

Order history is the most convenient way for a customer to keep track of all current and past orders.

With the Flits Advance Dashboard, the customer can check order status, including shipping details, delivery and payment information.

Order history on Shopify customer accounts helps keep them engaged, nudging shoppers to browse more products and make more purchases.

Make it easy for shoppers to
keep track of current and past
orders with Flits.