Frequently asked questions about Shopify customer account pages


    1. What is a customer account?

      A customer account is a centralized place that holds all the important details of customers and their activities. This includes name, delivery addresses, contact details, order history, rewards & credit points, wishlist, recently viewed products, and returns & exchanges, among others. With Flits and its add-ons, alongside some customizations as per your needs, you can have it all in your Shopify customer account pages.

    2. How do I create a Shopify customer account?

      To use the default Shopify customer account page, follow these steps:

      • Open the Shopify app and click on ‘Store’
      • Click on ‘Customers’ and click the + button
      • Enter the customer’s details
      • Tick the applicable options
      • Tick the check mark to create the customer profile

      This completes the setup of the default Shopify customer account page. To have advanced features such as social login, wishlist, recently viewed products, etc., add the Flits app to your store. To do this, you need to:

      • Go to the Shopify app store
      • Search for “Flits” - You can find the app here
      • Click Add App
      • The app will take you through a series of steps to set up a customer account page like Amazon!

    3. How do I create a login page on Shopify?

      Your Shopify account comes with an in-built login/registration template. However, if you want to allow customers to log in via their social accounts, you will need to add an app like Flits. Flits will allow your customers to log in through their Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon accounts.

    4. Why do you need a customer account page on your Shopify store?

      A customer account page is a must for your Shopify store. It helps summarize all customer-related information in one place such as name, delivery addresses, order history, store credits, reorder, wishlist, etc. All this data can help you understand customers better and increase sales.

      Features such as reorder, wishlist and recently viewed products make the process of shopping easy and quick for customers as well.

      Simply put, a customer account page helps you personalize customers’ experience, boost engagement, retention rate and customer loyalty. Get the Flits customer account page today!

    5. What is the best Shopify app for customer account pages?

      Flits is the best Shopify app for customer account pages. Flits currently offers two customer account page templates: UNO and DUO, and add-on features to enhance the customer account page such as Store Credits, Social Login, Wishlist, Advanced Dashboard, Reorder, and Recently Viewed Products.

    6. Can you customize Shopify's customer page?

      Yes, you can customize the Shopify customer account page if you have set it up with the Flits app. You can change templates, the look and feel in terms of colors, and add more features to enhance the page functionalities such as Store Credits, Social Login, Wishlist, Advanced Dashboard, Reorder, and Recently Viewed Products.

    7. How to edit Shopify customer account details?

      Shopify offers a default customer account page that has basic features such as orders, personal information and wishlist. To add advanced features like Amazon to the customer account page, you can use the Flits app. It helps offer a more engaging experience to customers. See the difference between the default Shopify customer account page and the Flits customer account page.

    8. What details does a Shopify customer account page have?

      A Shopify customer account page holds the complete information about customers - their personal details, order history, and other activities on your Shopify store, for instance, Delivery Addresses, Payment Methods, Credit Card details, Bank Account details, Apple Pay details, Wish List, Store Credits, Recently Viewed Products, Rewards, Recommendations by your store, Memberships, and more. It entirely depends on the add-ons you choose and the customizations you build.

      Want to know more about what a Shopify customer account page should have and why? Contact the Shopify experts at Flits today.

    9. Can you make customer accounts on Shopify?

      Yes, you can make customer accounts on Shopify by activating the default customer account page that has basic features such as Orders, Tracking links, Addresses, and Personal Information. If you want more advanced features to create a powerful customer account page like Amazon’s, you can add the Flits app and add the advanced features.

    10. How to send a Shopify account activation email?

      To send a Shopify account activation email, follow these steps: Go to Shopify admin, click Customers. Then, click the name of the customer that you want to invite. Click Send Account Invite. You can edit the invite notification email by changing details in the Send Account Invite window.