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All significant accomplishments happen when people team up and work together. As social beings, we regularly rely on others for support, and the same goes for the e-commerce field.

Online stores seek help from Shopify agencies, and agencies seek help from various service providers. Specifically, in the case of Shopify, it's common for online stores, agencies, and Shopify apps to collaborate for successful outcomes.

But why are these technical partnerships crucial, and how have they benefited other tech companies? What drives online stores to seek help from agencies and agencies from other service providers? Why is collaboration so frequent among online stores, agencies, and Shopify apps? How do these collaborations in the Shopify ecosystem lead to achieving desired results? What makes technical partnerships crucial in the context of e-commerce success?

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Unlocking Success: A Case Study on Flits Loyalty Program and its Potential for U.S. Stores

In the realm of US e-commerce, loyalty programs have long been a staple, with numerous brands creating influential campaigns that have left their mark on loyalty program history.

Taking inspiration from these successful programs, Flits developed its own reward program feature- Store credit. To highlight the significance of loyalty programs, we conducted an analysis of loyalty program data in the USA and specifically examined the success of our clients' Store Credit module.

Through this examination, we aim to underscore the importance of loyalty programs and their impact on customer retention and satisfaction, as demonstrated by the remarkable performance of our US clients in terms of repeat purchase rates.


Words of wisdom for beginners on Shopify

Every new business needs some guidance. When it comes to online business on Shopify, merchants already have a lot of support and assistance. But they still need some advice and a list of Dos and Donts.

Here is a collection of expert advice from various Shopify App developers, Experts and Store owners.

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Shopify Apps offering superior Customer Support

Shopify Apps' success depends on its features, technology, server and most importantly it's Customer support team. We have read a lot about various Shopify apps, their features, marketing tips, it's time to read a bit about the efforts of those behind the scenes, working 24/7 to solve merchant’s issues. Get a sneak peek into the Shopify apps that have the best customer support team.

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