Measure customer interest
in your products with

Let shoppers create Shopify wishlists to save their favourite
products for a quick recall while shopping.

Use wishlist data to boost engagement, reduce cart abandonment
rates, and nudge customers to finish the purchase.

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Trusted by 5000+ Shopify merchants

Let shoppers save a list
of their favorite products to
buy later

Not every shopper makes a purchase on their first visit.

Encourage visitors to save their favorite products using the wishlist icon and let them access the list via an eye-catching wishlist page.

P.S. We can help you customise your wishlist button

Turn online window shoppers
to prospective buyers

Don’t just make it easy for shoppers to save products they like.
Make it easier for them to buy them, too!

Flits lets buyers move a wishlisted product to the cart with just one click, moving them faster towards completing the purchase.


Migrate existing customer wishlist data to Flits wishlist

Want to start using Flits Wishlists for Shopify but don’t want to
lose existing data?

We will take care of your existing Shopify wishlist data through
our ‘import through CSV’ feature.

Flits is a versatile solution for diverse use cases


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Why choose Flits Shopify Wishlist for your store?

A wishlist is a collection of products customers save for future purposes without the immediate intention to buy.

It makes it easier for them to come back to the Shopify store later and complete the purchase.

Flits wishlist makes it easier to measure customer’s intent of buying a product and use the data for personalised campaigns leading to successful sales.

Turn shopper intent into more
Shopify sales with Flits Wishlist.