Flits Wishlist - Mark your wishes and make it happen

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 Wishlist comes among the most essential features of an E-commerce website. It preserves the shortlisted products of a shopper in a customized list and helps them to buy it all together in the near future. Nowadays with the cosmic growth of the e-commerce industry, you can also see the numerous e-commerce designing platforms offering various features to their clients. Different e-commerce platforms offer different types of features to its users.

Flits also join the list of these e-commerce designing platforms and offer some really significant and unique website features to its clients. Its features include Store credit, customer account page, Re-order, Recently viewed products, wishlist and much more.

Now let’s talk about the wishlist feature provided by Flits. The Flit’s wishlist comes with absolutely stunning characteristics in it. Here are some qualities of Flits wishlist that takes it a step above than other ordinary wishlists.

  1. It is 100% customizable according to the theme of your website. You can change the design, color, font, icons and many more things to make it personalized.
  2. The shoppers can add items from both the collection and product pages to the wishlist.
  3. You can get the complete control over the look and feel of the wishlist based on your theme even after integration in the website.
  4. Shoppers can save their selected items in the wishlist and purchase them later in the future.
  5. The wishlist icon will be available both on product and account page, so the user can add items from both the pages.
  6. The organized code architecture allows us to manage limitless items in the wishlist easily.

Hence, Flits has organized a complete customer satisfaction program with its wishlist and other features. Moreover, you can get 24X7 assistance from Flits engineers in case of some queries regarding the integration of these features to your website. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the opportunity to join the Flits family.