Flits - a One Stop Solution for all your shop requirements

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 Online business is the trend these days. People want everything on just a single click. There are plenty of mobile and web applications for these e-commerce transactions. People just order the things they want from these applications and get them at their doorsteps in calculated days. Now when we are talking about the e-commerce applications, we cannot forget the name Shopify. It is the largest E-commerce platform that helps the business owner to sell their products online.

Shopify allows you to create your own online store and reach millions of customers worldwide. There are numerous applications at Shopify App store that will help you create an eye-catching e-commerce website. You can get some amazing features from various applications and decorate your store with them. These features will surely increase the facility of the customer along with the user interface experience.

As we discussed that there are plenty of applications on Shopify that serves you with some unique and amazing features for your e-commerce site. But, installing different applications for different features, sounds a bit difficult and lengthy process for creating a single store. As you need to install all the different applications and set them in a single frame. Moreover, in case of complications, while setting up you need to communicate with all the app developers that belong to different teams. And this is surely time consuming and confusing process.

And hence, to overcome this situation we have come up with an all in one application for you. “Flits”

Flits is an amazing Shopify application that serves you with the whole customer interface for your e-commerce website. It has all the features included that are necessary for creating an online store. It is the one stop solution for all the store owners who want to launch their own and attractive online store. With Flits, you will get your store ready in really a short time. As there will be only one developing team or a developer you will need for the assistance while setting up the site.

Let’s have a look at some common features of Flits that you are going to get and apply for your website.

Captivating User Interface: Flits offers an engaging and impressive user interface to its users. It is very easy to understand and catch all the functionalities of the site for the third party user. And that makes it more attractive.

Multilingual: You can translate your store in multiple languages and reach millions of customers all over the world. Hence, the language is the most connecting thing to get in touch with clients, this feature is definitely a blockbuster for the ones who want to trade all around the globe. Apart from these basic elements, Flits is offering some really influential and serious bunch of attributes to their clients. Let’s just check it out.

Store Credit: The store credit is a new way of gifting rewards to the customers. With store credit, a customer can get various offers and discounts on purchasing products from your store in form of re compensation and much more.

Customer Account Page: This page is to summarize all the customer data in one place. This page helps the store owner to remember each and every detail of their customers and provide them a better service always.

Re-order: This page will allow the customer to re-order the same thing again and again at just a single click. This feature will absolutely provide an amazing shopping experience for the user.

Recently View Products: This page is a very important aspect of an e-commerce site. As there are highest possibilities of purchase from the list of recently viewed products. It is a customer tendency to re-visit the product again and again and then buy it.

Wishlist: A wishlist is an amazing way of reminding the customers, what they wanted to buy. This list can help the customers to create a list of items they want to buy later. Moreover, this also reduces the shopping cart abandonment.

Social Login: A social login option allows the customer to easily log in the website with the abstract and correct data of them. This will reduce the entries of fake emails and will create a healthy customers list.

Besides all these services, Flits also offer some paid add-ons to their clients like an advanced filter on order history, advanced dashboard, Order tracking, etc. You can get all these features integrated on your site by opting for the premium version of Flits.

Hence, all these features of Flits make it the one stop solution for all the business persons who urge to create their e-commerce websites.