Why your Customer account page matters to your customer?

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

In today's world, there may be many online shopping websites. But most of us are only aware of a few names. The same applies to any Brick and Mortar store too. There are hundreds of shops providing the same product yet we may have heard of only a few prominent ones. If I type in "Buy Nike shoes online'' I will get almost 50 online stores offering me what I want. But the chances that I will buy it from Amazon.com are about 100%.'' Yes, Amazon's delivery service, return policy and customer support is promising. But there is one more key ingredient that makes me buy from them again and again. That key ingredient is its Customer account page.

Every leading online store has a customer account page that forces the customer to become a returning one. As a shopaholic and someone who doesn't shy away from buying from less-known websites too, the Customer account page is an important feature that always catches my attention.

What does a proper customer account page tell your customer?

A useful customer account page makes your store look professional. It shows that you are not just concerned with your products but also customers. A customer account that saves all the necessary information makes it easier for anyone to buy again. This builds trust that your store is serious about its customers and After-sales services. If you don't save any information about your customers, your website may appear flimsy. Account page also makes it easier for the customer to add products to a wishlist, check his last viewed or favorite products. Most important of all is that the customer can keep track of his orders.

What does a customer need from his account page

Relevant account information:

A 'customer's name, Contacts, Shipping/Billing address are not just important to you as a merchant they are equally crucial to your customer. This is his only way to confirm if he/ she has given correct information or not.

Order tracking:

The biggest worry of every online shopper is when will my order arrives. There are a zillion reasons why a customer needs live details of the whereabouts of his order, especially when the order is prepaid. The biggest reason is that the customer is not always present at delivery and missing the delivery is a hassle in itself. At times the customer may want the product before a specific date. So many times I have had to make calls to reschedule my deliveries because there was no one present to receive the delivery. Often I missed my prepaid delivery and had to make many calls to get my money back. 

Order history:

Order history is another important feature for a customer. Especially in cases of multiple orders, it always comes in handy. Customers often repeat purchases; in such cases, order history can be of great use.


I have been using wishlist for a very long time now. I mainly use them when I find an excellent product for gifting purpose or if I find a product I like, but it is out of stock. The wishlist can be an excellent feature for your website, especially because a lot of stores fail to add this feature.

Recently viewed products:

I cannot count the number of times I have opened my search history to see a product I checked out a few minutes ago. There were many times I failed to find what I was looking for. This is where the option to check recently viewed products plays an important role. This is a feature I haven't seen on many sites except a few. This feature is something I feel is mandatory for every shopping website.

It won't be an understatement If I say a website without a proper customer account page is at best a website that is only focused on getting a customer.  Lack of a useful customer account page sends a message that there is no interest in building an interface that is easy for the customer to use. A useful customer account page signifies that you value your customer's time because the very reason people shop online is to save time.