Your wish is my command: Importance of a wishlist

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Alladin’s genie had superpowers to grant any three wishes. We are not Alladin’s Genie, but we can give our customers a wishlist that is not limited to just three wishes.


    What is a Wishlist?


    Your customer sees a fabulous pair of sneakers, but he recently bought new sneakers, so he suppresses his urge to buy them, but he still wants to save them for the future. He will probably take a screenshot of the product or save the link of the product. After a few days, he suddenly has a desire to buy the same sneakers. He will either scroll through all the pictures saved in his screenshot gallery or try to find the link he saved. But if you had provided him with a wishlist option he could have just added the product to it and saved it for future purpose.


    A Wishlist is simply a list that customers can make of the products they like. A wishlist button should be there below every product.



    Advantage of a wishlist :


    • For customers

    The Wishlist is the quickest way to keep a log of all the products they like, out of stock products. Be it for future use, reference or for gifting purpose. Wishlist also helps in tracking the price of a product.

    Saves the trouble of searching the product again and also ensures quicker checkout when buying off the Wishlist.

    Wishlist comes in handy when Customers want to share the products they like with friends and family in one go.


    • For Merchants

    Anything that aids your customer’s online shopping experience is, by default, an advantage. Apart from this, it also gives you insights into your customer’s liking. Let’s say a lot of people have added the same sneakers into their Wishlist, but they are unable to buy it due to high prices you can probably offer a special discount to all customers who have added this to the Wishlist. Since we already know that they like the product, there is a good chance a lesser price will make them buy it.

    You can send reminders on mail to the customers regarding the products they have added in the Wishlist, which may prompt them to buy it or remind them to buy it.

    Merchants can also suggest items to customers based on their Wishlist. Also, you can reward a loyal customer by sending them something from their wishlist for free or give them an option to buy it at a low price. Such a step is the right way to promote your products with a personal touch.


    • Other advantages include

    Keeping track of out of stock products: For both the parties (customer and merchant) any out of stock product is a loss. But Wishlist helps you convert the loss into a temporary one. Once the product is back in stock, you can send a mail informing all those who added it to the Wishlist.


    Types of Wishlist


    • There are mainly two types of wishlists, Private and Public. Public lists are shareable. Customers also have the option of creating multiple wishlists.


      What is Flits offering in Wishlist :


      • For Customers

      Customers can wishlist any product on the product page  & Collection Page




      Customers can also check the wishlisted products from their profile page




      • For Merchants

      Merchants can check all wishlisted products from their dashboards






      Merchants can also check wishlisted product of individual customers






      Flits gives the option to customize the wishlist button, you can request color changes or any icon/image of your preference. You can also refer to our FAQ on Wishlist here. You can read more about pricing plans and add ons here.


      Wishlists are a must for any e-commerce platform. This is a feature that is generally ignored by many online stores. We can see from the above passages that Wishlist is much more important for the merchants than the customers in terms of the benefits they come with. Flits is planning to add a feature than will enable sharing wishlists with friends and family. We hope that you can take advantage of our Wishlist feature. For any queries shoot us a mail at