How Lensfit is using Flits Store credit to manage 20 physical retail stores

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Store credits are an essential feature of any e-commerce business. Be it in the form of e-wallet or Points. Flits app also provides a Store credit feature. You can read more about Store credit here. Apart from customer retention, merchants have been using Credits to offer other facilities to customers.


Shopify Store: Lensfit

Lensfit is a leading brand that is a technology-focused online retailer of prescription and fashion eyewear.



Manage Sales data of Physical stores along with the online store



Lensfit has a rather exciting usage when it comes to the Store credit module. Probably the most innovative one so far. While every store uses Store credit for its customers, Lensfit is using store credit for its stores. 

Lensfit team, Vamsi Seemakurthi (CEO, Lensit) along with Flits’ co-founder Gunjan Patel brainstormed to come up with a solution to managing physical stores’ sales data. The answer was to keep the physical stores as the only customers in Flits Credit Module.


 At the end of the screengrab Credit of Hundred Thousand has been added




Credit spent on every purchase by actual customers (This is the data of one physical store of Lensfit of December month)


Lensfit has more than 20 plus physical stores across India. The customers added on Flits app are not the actual customers but only these 20 plus stores. Lensfit transfers a certain amount of credit to every store every month, which in turn is used by the store owner to purchase inventory from Lensfit. Every store uses the Flits store credit record the purchase in their physical store. 

A question might arise about how physical stores manage to store the details of individual customers. This issue is taken care of as the store owner can save The Name and Address of individual customers along with every order. 


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Flits’ merchants use Store credits feature in many different ways. You can also read about the Customizations done by Flits team in the Customer account page here. Flits has always shown great commitment towards serving the customers even if it involves going out of the way to make their experience a little better. Please let us know if you have any queries, suggestions or a customization request. Just send us mail at


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