Increase sales and customer
retention with Shopify Loyalty program

Gain new customers and turn them into loyal advocates
with Shopify reward program. Get repeat purchases,
lower acquisition cost and strengthen your brand.

Improve customer satisfaction with Flits store credits.

Increase repeat purchases, turn customers into loyal brand advocates and keep them motivated to buy more with Shopify loyalty programs and store credits.

Strengthen your customer relationship with Flits.

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Improve customer engagement with Shopify store credits for in-store activities

Increase customer engagement with a comprehensive reward program. Give cashback rewards in the form of Shopify store credits for customer loyalty.

Nudge customers to purchase by giving credits on sign up, leaving product reviews, inviting friends, gamification of customer loyalty program and more.

Give physical shoppers benefit of using store credit reward with Shopify POS. Use Shopify POS integration with Flits to launch Shopify POS loyalty program.

Gamification in loyalty program, use 10+ reward rules, and more

Award Shopify Store credits for various interactions.

Engage customers with continuous rewards and get to know their shopping habits better. Gamify your loyalty program with Flits!

  • Reward multiple in-store activities
  • Referral reward program
  • Tiered customer loyalty program (for Shopify Plus)
*Unlock all Shopify store credits with a paid plan

Get customers to recommend your brand

Track word of mouth marketing by referral rewards.

Rewards customers for inviting friends and family to your store with Shopify store credits.

Leverage the benefits of a gamified loyalty program by giving reward for continuous successful referrals and increased sales due to referrals.

Manage referral rewards by setting credit and time limits.

Flits is a versatile solution for diverse use cases


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Store credits - The new cashback

Confused between discounts vs cashbacks? Use Flits loyalty program and get miles ahead of any discount campaign.

Store credits acts as cashback when it comes to the customer’s loyalty program user experience.

In times when every brand out there is luring shoppers with discounts and deals, Flits helps satisfy your customer with a straightforward reward redemption system.

Time to replace the mundane points system with Flits Store Credits, your go to Shopify reward program.

Increase repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty with Shopify store credits.