Flits app integration with PushOwl: How will it benefit your customer?

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

FLITS PushOwl Integration

You know the ins and outs of eCommerce - so you know that customer loyalty is the key to success, not only for your bottom line but also to make your life easier. Loyal customers cause fewer support queries, have a higher repeat order rate and are more pardoning when something doesn’t work right the first time.

And you also know the tools you need for building this customer loyalty: Customer accounts, store credits, social login, wishlist, and simple re-ordering. Simply put Everything we at Flits already provide you with!

One ingredient is missing for the perfect customer loyalty

But what’s more? Your customers also need to be aware of all these instruments and any updates regarding them! New credit coming their way, store credit about to expire, a manual adjustment happened to their account? 

In our modern, busy world we are overloaded with update emails --- and more often than not, these end up unopened. So you never even reach your customer with these important updates. Which means you are missing out our additional sales, and your customer is not able to convert their hard-earned store credits into discounts! 

Enter Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are crisp, clickable, highly visible messages that appear right on the screen device. You have probably seen this on other websites already: A browser prompt will ask for your permission to receive notifications to send you updates. In fact, without any setup, you can try it out here: http://playground.pushowl.com

Send web push notifications to your customers for their account updates

We are very excited to announce our partnership with PushOwl Web Push Notifications! By integrating with PushOwl, you can start sending web push notifications to your customers for updates happening on their Flits customer account. 

Why push notifications are vital for your business

Keep your customers always updated. Attention is the currency of this century. While it would be annoying for any customer if you just send them emails or messages with generic updates on what you are doing. These updates become highly relevant once it is something that they really need to know and be updated about. You cannot keep spamming them with emails forcing them to get attention. Push notifications allow you to send messages and skip the inbox once and for all. 

Customer retention with messages that actually get read

More often than not, people ignore promotional emails and messages. Reason being: People are either busy or often their email inbox is already flooded with promotions, hence they forget to open your emails and messages.

Time-sensitive communication = Instant Connection

The best thing about push notifications is that they establish an instant connection. If you have a limited time offer, sending an email about would not be a wise idea because the customer might not open the email in time (if at all). Push notifications allow you to establish a real-time connection and send instant messages. So that your customers can act immediately (and get this little bit of FOMO they need to make a purchase).

The timing is perfect

Web push notifications are still a highly underutilized medium with only a few online stores taking advantage of this new marketing and communication channel. Most end consumers will be exposed to web push on your store for the very first time in their online life and have a high likelihood to opt-in - if their first look at your website is matching their expectations and they enjoy your brand. Web push notifications have CTRs of up to 30% - depending on the personalisations and urgency applied. 

How can you use PushOwl for Flits app services

Enable the PushOwl integration inside your Flits app admin (you will need to have PushOwl installed). Then you can take advantage of the following alerts being sent as web push notifications:

  • Signup credit
  • Subscriber credit
  • Adjustment notification from Admin
  • Order credit
  • Credit spent
  • Birthday credit
  • Monthly credit.
  • Expiration of credit
  • Review credits
  • Product tag credit (Credit on a specific product)
  • Referrer credit
  • Referee credit
  • Referral order credits (credit the referrer will get on X no. of orders by the referee)
  • Credit on referral spent (credit the referrer will get on X amount paid by the referee)
  • Reached X no of Referrals (Credit the referrer will get on X number of referrals)
  • Password change

Informing the customer about all the actions you are taking is not only an excellent way to retain their attention but a good communication policy. It’s also a way of promoting what you offer them. A customer may be too busy to check out what all rewards you give and hence may never use them. You can even customize your PushOwl notification with Flits to suit your highly customized needs.