Elevate user experience and improve retention by tailoring your customer account pages with the help of Flits

Synergee Canada emerged as a home gym equipment emporium established by its Founder and President, Joey Huneau. Recognizing a gap in the market, Joey seized the opportunity to establish a premier destination catering to home gym enthusiasts seeking budget-friendly, compact, versatile, and, above all, efficient workout gear.


Synergee was clear about its objectives and how it wished to tailor the customer account page to suit its customers’ needs. The following were their requirements-

  • Menu title text alterations
  • My account page will consist of two menu items - profile and password change.
  • Easier access to customers who are more familiar with the word ‘Profile’ can click on it to edit personal details.
  • Changes in the order history page
  • A new menu item - A dashboard that will give a preview of the store’s products and the latest purchase by the customer


Flits has two templates for the customer account page: UNO and DUO. When it comes to custom work, often, these templates don’t fit the merchant’s requirements.

Synergee Canada’s team was understanding of these challenges and shared their desired layout in a Figma file. Their support made it easier for our development team to fulfill their custom requirements.

Flits solution and results

  • With the help of the Figma file design, Flits team changed the layout of the customer account page.
  • My profile was renamed to My Account, and the password change section was merged under the same section.
  • The edit profile was added as a hyperlink below the customer name for ease of access.
  • With the help of multilanguage, Synergee Canada could rename the title of order history to My Gym.
  • My gym (order history) layout and order detail page were transformed into an aesthetically pleasing layout.
  • A new menu item, Dashboard, was added in the menu section. Dashboard comprised of a summary of what the store has to offer as well the latest purchase and contact information for issues with past orders.

Synergee’s customer account page is aligned with their brand’s theme and the needs of their customers. A big reason why we work on custom requirements of Enterprise and Shopify Plus merchants is because we are aware that every business has different requirements and a unique customer base. Businesses also want to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean they need to sell unique products; they can improve customer experience and leave a lasting impression on their customers.

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