Enhance user experience with a personal touch in customer account pages

The e-commerce sector is increasingly recognizing the power of personalization, extending from tailored product recommendations to a more individualized user experience throughout the entire customer journey. The potential for personalization is extensive. This use case is about a customization request from Ofertas da familia, they wanted to enhance the customer account page, aiming to elevate the overall user experience for their clientele.


Merchant requested an option for the customers to upload their profile picture.

Flits solution

Flits added an upload icon on the ‘My Profile’ section of the customer account page.


Customers can upload a profile picture from the ‘My Profile’ section

Customers can change their profile picture and delete the existing profile picture at any time.

Profile pictures can help add a personal touch to the customer's account, making it feel more like their space on your website. The aim is to create a sense of ownership and engagement, making customers feel more connected to your brand. It can also improve user retention and provide an enjoyable experience to your customers.

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