Use Flits store credits to get more photo reviews using Loox

Reward customers with store credits for dropping photo reviews on your products.


What does this integration do?

With this integration, you can reward shoppers for leaving a photo on products they have purchased from your store.

Flits awards any customer that reviews their previous purchase using Loox. These credits can then be used in the next purchase to avail a discount on the cart total.

Credit rewards motivate customers to drop more photo reviews. More photo reviews mean more social proof and more sales for your store!

Why do you need to integrate Loox and Flits?

Bringing back your shoppers to your Shopify store is no easy feat. Rewards are a great way to motivate shoppers to complete a task like reviewing your product.

By rewarding shoppers for leaving a photo review, you can increase your credibility as a Shopify store, showing new store visitors why you are a trustworthy store.