Improved customer experience and retention with wishlist

Libas, a fashion brand that epitomizes youthful elegance and modernity, captures the essence of a new era in Indian women's fashion. The brand narrates the tale of contemporary, independent, and socially aware women. With an unwavering commitment, Libas consistently presents a vibrant array of ethnic and fusion wear, thoughtfully curated to align with global fashion trends.


Customer ease in Wishlist

Given that Libas is an apparel brand, it isn’t easy for customers to settle on just one piece of clothing; they may have multiple options in mind. This is where the wishlist button comes in handy. But often, there are too many items on the Wishlist, which can make it difficult to scroll through and find the exact item customers are looking for. It makes sense to have a categories tab in the Wishlist, which is similar to the categories option on any product collection page. This helps customers narrow down the search.


To categorize the products in the Wishlist, the development team set up a mechanism that would help filter products based on the selection clicked by the customer.

Flits solution and results

This is what our wishlist page looks like -

This is what the custom wishlist for Libas looks like-

Customers can see product filter options on the top of the Wishlist.

This can help customers save time while scrolling the Wishlist. This also creates an automatic list for the customer.

A customized wishlist enhances the overall shopping experience by tailoring it to individual preferences. The wishlist helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, avoid impulse buying, and streamline the checkout process. They empower customers to have a more tailored, efficient, and enjoyable shopping journey.

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