Integrate Flits and Klaviyo to send store credit updates on email

Keep customers updated about their store credit activity on emails.


What does this integration do?

With this integration, you can automate emails to customers about their Flits store credit activity.

Be it new store credits earned or those spent, keep them in the loop to boost engagement.

Email is a powerful communication channel and using the Klaviyo and Flits integration, you can automate credit updates.

You can also re-engage different kinds of customers by using customer segments and send credit balance emails based on the number of credits they have.

Why do you need to integrate Klaviyo and Flits?

It’s not just enough to re-engage your shoppers. Building customer loyalty can help you increase purchases and build a following among your shoppers. You can do this with rewards.

Provide your shoppers with store credits for any activity they do on your store. This reward system is sure to entice them to stay on your Shopify store for longer and shop more from you.