Simplifying In-Store Verification: Harnessing QR Codes for Seamless Customer Authentication

Blending physical and online stores presents challenges, as automation differs in both settings. Physical stores demand arrangements for customer and staff support, notably in swift customer verification for efficient transactions. Our client,, had an innovative solution to address this issue. Dookan, is a platform celebrating Indian culture, and serves as a prime source for authentic Indian products across multiple European countries.

Requirements wanted a button for their Dookan12 membership on all pages of the Customer account page. If the customer is already a member, it will show the membership status instead of the button.

A quick verification process of the customer’s email address with their POS system.


A mechanism was set up to fetch the membership status of customers. Once the customer becomes a member, a tag is assigned to them. Tags help in identifying if the customer will see a ‘join membership’ button or a membership status on their account page.

Flits support team added a QR code on the profile picture section of the customer account page; the QR code passes email ID information to any QR code scanner.

Flits solution

The client success team placed a button on all pages of the customer account page (Profile, Address, order history, etc.) Furthermore, customers tagged with membership status could see the status on their account page.

QR code was added on the profile picture section, and when scanned, it shows the customer’s email ID, which is then used to quickly verify the customer with the POS system.


QR code on the profile page
Membership Button on customer account pages

Membership status is reflected once the customer becomes a member

QR code will expand when the customer clicks on profile picture

Scanning the QR code will display the customer’s email, allowing the retail staff to scan and
instantly verify the customer with our POS system.

The results of these implementations are highly effective: the QR code on the profile page streamlined the verification process, the membership button enhanced the user experience on customer account pages, and customers could easily view their membership status. This innovative approach by successfully bridged the gap between traditional and online retail experiences while simplifying the customer journey.

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