Personalized customer account page to reflect the essence of Couture Candy

In today’s era of competitive online shopping, having a personalised customer account page is really important. Recognising the evolving demands of the modern consumer, Couture Candy, a prominent fashion retailer, embarked on a journey to enhance its customer experience. Established in 2005, Couture Candy has solidified its position as the go-to e-commerce destination for special occasion dresses in the USA. With an impressive collection boasting over 60,000 unique products, Couture Candy has become synonymous with curating the latest fashion trends from various renowned designers. The brand's commitment to blending affordability with style is evident in every selection, allowing customers to embrace their fashion aspirations wholeheartedly and without compromise


Couture Candy, a leading online fashion retailer, sought to enhance its customer experience by revamping its customer account page. The requirements were to create a personalized and branded account page that reflected the company's identity and provided customers with easy access to crucial information such as order history, re-order options, contact features, recently viewed items, and custom fields.


Assessment and Planning

  • Collaborative assessment of the current customer account page.
  • Identification of key requirements and functionalities.

Customization and Branding

  • Integration of brand colors, logos, and visual elements.

Functionality Integration

  • Seamless integration of features: order history, re-order, "Contact Us," recently viewed items, and custom fields.
  • Rigorous testing to ensure a smooth user experience.

Flits solution

Flits provided Couture Candy with a robust platform to customize and optimize their customer account page. The solution allowed for easy integration of essential features, providing a streamlined and user-friendly interface for customers.

Couture Candy's Account Page Optimization with Flits

Brand Consistency: Flits helped maintain a consistent brand identity across all customer touchpoints.

Customer Engagement: Facilitated easy access to key functionalities, encouraging customers to explore and engage more with the platform.

Data Collection: Customer account page captures valuable customer information through custom fields for improved marketing and personalized communication.


The implementation of Flits' Customer Account Page brought about significant improvements:

  • Enhanced brand representation with a visually aligned account page.
  • Improved accessibility for customers with streamlined functionalities.
  • Personalized user experience with recently viewed items and custom fields.
  • Improved the number of orders using credits by 133.33%.
  • Increased the total amount of orders placed using credits by 9.98%.

Review by Couture candy

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