Search, sort, and filter
Shopify store order history

Let your customers keep track of their Shopify order history
via a Top Ordered products tab.

The Flits Advanced Order Filter lets them sail through their purchases
on their Shopify customer account.

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Trusted by 5000+ Shopify merchants

Make it easy for customers to look through past orders

Improve your customer’s in-store experience by providing them
an advance order history.

The Top Ordered Products tab gives customers a list of items they have ordered in the past with a total count that they can sort and filter.

Search, sort, and filter option within Top ordered products

Advanced Order Filter offers many features to make it easy for customers to filter Top ordered products. Sorting and Filter
options are as follows-

  • Number of orders (min to max)
  • Number of orders (max to min)
  • Sort by price (low to high)
  • Sort by price (high to low)
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
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Improve post-purchase experience with Advanced order filter

When you let your customers keep track of their current and previous purchases, you give them better access to their order history.

With the positive experience and increased interaction with your Shopify store, you convince them to keep shopping with you.

See your Shopify sales increase in no time!

Flits is a versatile solution for diverse use cases


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Why choose Flits Advanced Order Filter for Shopify stores?

The advanced order history helps customers easily place reorders
and also enhances their experience, showing them their journey with your brand so far.

The feature was created based on the request of customers of
25+ Shopify Plus merchants.

Make it easy for shoppers to
keep track of current and past
orders with Flits.