We stand apart but we stand united

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the whole world. From Italy to US, UK to India. The whole world is going through a severe crisis. While the healthcare personnels, armies, policemen, garbage collection personnels and respective governments are all working hard to control the crisis, the general public also has to cooperate by self isolation.This is a crisis no one saw coming, even if they did there wasn’t enough time to prepare.


While we are fighting this battle together several businesses are severely hit specially the informal sector, small businesses, daily wage workers. This is the time we have to help each other with whatever limited resources and ways we have. This is the time stand for each other, be united and help those we can. 


Shopify has already announced various measures they will take during this.

The measures include :


  • Gift cards for all plans and customers

  • Local pickup and delivery

  • $200 million in small business funding

  • Extended 90-day free trial

  • Community support

  • Live webinars


As a member of Shopify community Flits team has also decided to extend support to the community. We will be offering an extended trial. Previous free trial was only for 30 days which has been extended to 60 days and can be extended further if the need arises.


This is a time to be strong and optimistic. We will not buckle down, we will rise above and come out even stronger.

 #Stay Distant

#Stay Strong

#Stay Home