Top 5 shopify apps you need for Christmas sale

Posted by Rashmi Singh on


Festivals are all about opportunity. An opportunity to sell more, grow more. A good sales campaign is a sure shot way to increase sales. If Black Friday sale is any indication, Christmas too will be a blast. What more does a customer need than back to back festivals? So pull your socks up and get ready to be the Santa with a bag full of offers. But all the Store Santas need some Reindeers Apps to pull the store sledge. Flits have made a list of apps that will make this experience easier for both merchants and their customers. 


The list includes top apps for email campaigns, SMS campaigns, push notifications, abandoned cart reminders, post-sale services.


1. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

Pushowl is a leading Shopify app that lets merchants send web push notifications to their customers. Web push notifications are a new but revenue-generating marketing tool. PushOwl is built to help Shopify merchants and has over 10000 merchants, 800+ Shopify Plus brands and 1800+ reviews.



PushOwl Web Push Notifications can help you do the following:

  • Send promotional web push notification about sales or the latest products.
  • Send alerts about new stocks, price drops, and shipping updates.
  • Recover abandoned carts with a sequence of 3 automated reminders.
  • Integrates with your favorite Shopify apps like Judge.Me Reviews, Flits, Shopify Flow, etc.

PushOwl can be used extensively during Christmas to get more purchase for your store. You can send notifications about your exclusive offers, discount codes, new products, and flash sales. Integrate PushOwl with Flits to inform customers about their credit updates and bring them back to your store.


2. SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing

SMSBump is an excellent assistant tool for all Shopify eCommerce stores to increase sales and recover abandoned carts with SMS messages. More than 17000 stores trust SMSBump. The open rate of SMS is 99%, and the ROI is 25X.



SMSBump can do the following:

  • Configure text automation as per their wish. 
  • Create SMS campaigns and track the performance of the same. 
  • Send personalized discount code messages and bulk messages during festivals. 

You can create special offers for Christmas and send regular reminder messages for the same.


3. Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

Klaviyo is a customer retention app. It has one-click integration with Shopify. It takes personalized data from visitors, subscribers, and customers within reach of Shopify merchants. This way you can use the information to better your relationship with everyone that connects with your website. It is free to install.



With Klaviyo you can:

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Recapture lost sales by sending emails to customers who abandoned carts or left session mid browsing
  • Send laser-focused campaigns
  • Analyze data and make better decisions 

Send curated and customized emails with Klaviyo before Christmas. Flits is also integrated with Klaviyo

4. Recart FB Messenger Marketing

Recart is a Facebook Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart App. Recart is a remarketing app that sends messages on facebook messenger to people who have left your website after adding an item to the cart.



Recart can do the following :

  • Easily integrate with facebook messenger
  • Send abandoned cart reminders to customers


5. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

Post sales services are equally important for a business. ReConvert is an app that displays a Thankyou page post-purchase that can be used to increase sales or marketing. Since it’s a post-purchase page, the open rate of the page is 100%.



ReConvert can do the following :

  • Discount pop-ups with countdown timer (upsell), recommend more products Birthday collector
  • Add Reorder button (upsell)
  • Embedded video, add social sharing buttons
  • Post surveys and forms to collect customer information.

You can send promotional offers during Christmas based on the products customers have already purchased. 

Why are we sharing a list of these 5 apps?

Flits app is being used by over 2600 Merchants on Shopify and is trusted by 150 Shopify plus brands. We believe that the above apps are one of the best in their respective categories. We hope that our recommendations will be helpful to the customers during the upcoming festival. You can also use our app for the Customer account page with a Wishlist, Advanced dashboard, Social login, and Store credit. 


All the above apps can help you grow your business manifolds. We hope that all these apps will be beneficial to your business. Each and every app is top-notch and provides a customer experience par excellence. Have a happy Christmas sale.