Now give Limited Period Bonus credits to push the Sales Juggernaut

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

Flits team is always working on improving existing features and adding new features. We have now come up with another feature in our Store credit module. This feature will help merchants streamline their credit distribution process and also boost sales instantly.


What is Bonus credit?


Let’s say on a particular day you are feeling generous because you had a bumper sale the previous month; you may wish to share that generosity with your customers. But you want to keep this reward for a limited period to create a Sense of Urgency. This is precisely where our Bonus credit feature comes in. You can target the right audience by giving them a limited period credit that nudges them to buy your products as soon as possible; You can now select from 4 different filters as a base to choose customers for offering bonus credits. This will help you in determining the audience you want to give credits to and will also give the count of customers while giving credits you have to be cautious not to overspend. The count of customers will help in calculating the total credits.

You can use 4 conditions to filter your customer that are Spent credit, Placed Orders, Spent Amount, Has a tag.


How to use these conditions?


  • Spent Credits 

Use the filter to select customers on the basis of the amount of credits they have already spent/used in the past.


  • Placed orders

Use the filter to select customers on the basis of the number of orders they have placed in the past.


  • Spent Amount

Use the filter to select customers based on the total amount they have spent so far on your store.


  • Has a tag

Use the filter to choose customers after categorizing them into ‘Gold,’ ‘Silver,’ and ‘Bronze’ customers. You can refer to the Shopify help center on how to use tags. You have to analyze your data through Shopify. You can update your tags through Shopify admin and then use this feature. Updating tags are a must to use this feature.


Flits introduced this feature after requests from different customers. This feature will help give more credits to deserving customers, especially those customers who have been buying from your store for a long time or those who have spent a lot of amount shopping on your website. We hope you will like this update. If you have any doubts regarding this update, please contact us on or message us on Facebook.