Make it easier for customers to make purchases during COVID-19 with a customer account page

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COVID-19 has forced us all into self-quarantines. Apart from changing how we work, it has also impacted how we go about doing out day-to-day chores. From stepping out for the basic groceries to stocking up on our daily health supplements, we’re all now choosing to avoid public places and are actively looking for online stores instead. So much so that an article on Forbes pointed out that this could be a big opportunity for online businesses. 


But here’s what we think. It’s a big opportunity for your Shopify store to build strong customer relationships. 


Now is the time to not just worry about your sales, but helping the consumers out in the best you can - especially those stores that offer food and health-related products. 

In fact, even Amazon recently published a blog on it will be helping consumers during this time. And we all know how our accounts page comes into play when we’re making purchases from them.


How does a customer account page help make purchases?


1. Makes it easier (and faster) for the shopper to reorder recent purchases


Let’s take an example. You buy your daily health supplement from one store. You have been choosing to consume only those supplements for the last six months. So why would you now choose to compromise and buy just about any supplement to make do for the ones you prefer? After all, it’s your health. 


But with all the things you need to get in place for the quarantine period, you don’t have the time to visit that online store, look for each of the supplements you consume, add them to your cart and make the purchase. It’s simply too long a process and there are too many distractions that might lead to making the wrong or an incomplete purchase. 


That’s where a store offering a customer account page comes into play. This shopper will be easily able to see their regular purchases under ‘my orders’ and directly ‘re-order’ those items, making it faster for them to check out and complete the purchase. After all, they do have other things to stock up on too!


2. Makes it simpler for shoppers to make purchases from their wishlist


Most of us don’t make purchases in one go. We like to explore our options and keep wishlisting items that we like and might consider purchasing later. This holds true especially when we’re looking at starting new health supplements or even food products to bring into our daily diets. 


But imagine having to go back to all the stores that you possibly created wishlists on, right now. One, you have to again think about which products to buy as per your current needs and what you might need even in a few days as the quarantine worsens. Then you click on the product you wishlisted, get redirected to the product page and then you add it to your cart to make the purchase - that’s too time-consuming. 


With a customer account page, wishlists become more interactive. A customer can simply view all the products they have saved and directly add them to cart, moving towards making a purchase, way faster! 


3. Makes it faster to reach recently viewed products


There are some products we wishlist. Then there are others we have browsed through thinking we might not need them - yet. This happens a lot when we’re buying health supplements and food products online. 


Take, for instance, you saw Vitamin D supplements a while back. But at that point in time, you had plenty of outdoor activities lined up so you didn’t feel the need to make that purchase. Now things are different so you might just want to get that supplement into your daily diet. 


Going back to the store, searching for the product, adding it to the cart and then buying it is too long a process. But with a customer account page, the consumer can view all the recently viewed products easily.



4. Makes it easier for shoppers to manage and redeem store credits


We’re all making a lot of purchases right now. With the uncertain future, it’s only obvious for all of us to make sure we have enough stocks at home and all our basic and health necessities in place. But it’s a lot of expenditure fo one to make. 


During this time, your store can add manual credits to help customers make a purchase that is friendlier on the pocket. If you have a customer account page, you get to display these store credits on the account to let them know they can avail the same during making the purchase. 


This does two things. First, it lets the consumer make more purchases based on their needs at the moment and for the future. Second, it lets them know that you truly care about them and want to make these tough times a lot easier for them, helping you build a loyal customer base that vouches for you every time.


5. Makes checking out faster with saved delivery addresses


A customer accounts page enables the shopper to save addresses that they commonly use to place orders. During this time, there are a lot of us who are not just placing orders for ourselves, but also our family members and friends who might just need help. Now imagine having to manually add each one’s address while checking out. 


With a customer account page, a consumer gets to save all the addresses they have been using. This makes it easier for them to move to check out while making a purchase, saving on a lot of time they could otherwise use to prepare for COVID-19.


Does your Shopify store need a customer accounts page?


If you’re in the health and food industry, it might just be the thing your customers are looking for right now. They want to interact with brands that make it easier for them to make their regular purchases, keep track of them and most importantly, helps them make these purchases faster. 


A customer account page does exactly that. 


At Flits, we’re making it easier for Shopify stores to set up a customer account page for consumers right now. In fact, we’re also offering you a 60-days free trial to see how it helps your customers during these tough times.


Want to make it easier for your customers to make purchases right now?

Install Flits to set up your customer account page right away!


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