Last-minute tips to boost your Shopify sales on valentines day

Posted by Rashmi Singh on


Valentine's day is almost knocking on your doors. Most of the stores would have already started campaigning their Valentine offers, but if you haven't', fret not Flits is here to give you some last-minute tips. We have made a list of E-commerce marketing Tips and Tricks to improve your Shopify Sales number.

  • Find gift-worthy products from your store

In this fast-paced life, majority shoppers don't have time to browse through all the products. If you give them a customized list to shop from, it will save them a great deal of time. This will help in those jittery last-minute shopping minutes and also will add to your Shopify sales meter.

    • Divide products in categories 

    Valentines are no more a day for the romance between couples. It's a day of love. Customers these days have moved on from the conservative Idea of valentines. Valentines are now for Families, friends, and even pets. We must take care of those who are single on this day. Please give them a reason to shop for themselves. Promote your Valentine's day marketing strategy in such a way that it caters all sections of customers



    • Offer affordable and fast shipping:

    The biggest issue with online shopping is long shipping duration and high shipping charges. Offer your customers free/ low shipping charges and quick navigation to increaseFlits your Shopify Sales. This is Valentine's day marketing strategy that applies to all products.


      • Flash Sales

      Flash sales have been the biggest hit in E-commerce Marketing. Studies have shown that 50% of flash sales happen in the first hour. Flash sales offer discounts or special offers for a brief period. Announce Flash Shopify sales of expensive products at a cheaper rate. 


      • Run contests

      Engage your customers with games that also involve e-commerce marketing. For example, ask your followers to mention their favorite product and announce a lucky winner based on that.


      • Tie up with local or online bakeries/ candy stores/ Bouquet stores

      You can offer gifts or cakes/candies/ bouquet on a minimum additional charge. Chocolates are the most purchased product during Valentine's. You can use this data to leverage your Shopify sales.


      • Optimize your store for Mobile

      Since more and more people use their mobiles to shop online, it is necessary to Optimize your website for the same.


      • Partner with an influencer

      Instagram influencer marketing is the latest marketing trend. Tap in a few influencers to market your products. Ask them to use/purchase your products and review them. Positive reviews are the best marketing tool.


      • Offer credits/ coupon codes/ Referral credits

      Offering monetary incentives is the best way to nudge customers to buy something from you. Take advantage of Credit programs to attract customer loyalty. Give extra credits on specific products like Red Shirts or anything related to valentines.


        Valentine's day is perfect for experimenting with innovative marketing techniques. Though don't push something extremely complex for customers to understand as it may harm your Shopify sales. Your Shopify marketing Idea should be such that it should capture the interest of your customers. We hope that all the above Valentine's marketing ideas help you amplify your Shopify sales.