How to use Flits store credit to generate more revenue during BFCM

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

It’s that time of the year where your customers get a million emails with countless discounts and offers. So what can you do to stand out? Of course, as an e-commerce website, your options are limited to discounts and freebies. But, you have to make the best out of these options. Flits team will help you with planning your BFCM strategy.


You can use our Store credit feature to boost your sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday.


Below are the various options you can use:


  • How to improve bulk sales?

 CREDIT AFTER X NUMBER OF ORDERS: Particularly for BFCM you can increase the credit and offer your customers a chance to buy in bulk but with more credits post-purchase. You can create multiple ranges for this. For example, credit after first order then the third order and so on.


  • How to boost sales of products with more profit margin?

CREDIT FOR SPECIFIC PRODUCTS: Since it’s black Friday you can give credits on purchasing specific products like black-colored products, winter collection, new in stock, etc. You can also focus on products that have a more significant profit margin or are generally high in demand. Add tags to the products that you want to give credit on; customers can use the same tag while ordering the product to avail the credits.


  • How to make someone’s birthday special?

BIRTHDAY CREDIT: Birthday credit is not for all the customers, but you can make the birthday of those customers special whose birthday falls on the same day as Black Friday.


  • How to retain old customers?

MONTHLY CREDIT: You can give credit to all your customers for this particular month. There are no restrictions on the date. You can give the monthly credit at any time you wish. 


  • How to increase customer curiosity?

 Flits also has a feature where you can add credits for a limited number of days. It would be a wise strategy to put a limit on the credit you are offering. *Limited period offers* attract more eyeballs and leads to more sales. For example, you can give credit of 20 dollars to all the customers for one or two days as a limited period offer. For this, You have to upload a CSV to manage the credits of all the customers. If you want to upload the information of more than 25000 customers please contact our customer support. For more information, you can click on the FAQ provided on our website.


As an avid shopper, I wait for sales and offers on my favourite sites. If the online shop offers me credits on shopping, the likelihood of me buying more increases automatically. You don’t have to wait for the final day to start offering credits. Getting there first also plays a crucial role in affecting the customers shopping preferences.