How Shopify plus expert agency Lucent Innovation is helping Big brands

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

The digital revolution came with a number of opportunities. Biggest being connecting with any person from any part of the world. This also revolutionized the commercial sector. It gave a chance for people to connect to their customers with the click of a button. But this process isn’t that easy and requires a lot of expertise. Be it Amazon, Alibaba or Shopify there is a whole lot of process one has to go through to start selling online.

Setting up an online store is a daunting task. With so much competition online stores also need to look attractive and should have a smooth interface. There are various agencies that help merchants guide their way through this e-forest. One such agency is Lucent Innovation.



Expertise in technical skill - Lucent innovation is the departmental store for all your website needs. Be it UI/UX, SEO strategy, Custom App Development, Shopify theme customization, Custom theme development say what you need Lucent will do it for you. If you don’t have a store on Shopify Lucent can help you build one. Lucent can also help you migrate if you have a store on another platform without losing any data.


Brand management - Think of your favorite shopping website like The Man company, when you visit the website the overall content, placement of products, text, and images look classy. It’s not just about the placement of graphics but adding a layer of polish to everything on the page that makes your website seem like a ‘’Brand’’. You can have the best products, best employees and the best service but a crappy homepage and product page won’t help you make the cut. At Lucent, the team helps you design your website in such a way that the moment people click on it, they can’t turn away.


Use case implementation as per Business’s need - Branding also involves customization. One can’t have a preschool with walls that are painted with black and grey Or a pub with flower prints on the wall. Many websites do not have a fine-tuned color. The overall feel of the website is unprofessional. But Lucent helps you achieve a tailor-made website that suits your customer needs. One such example is Trunki. Even if you don’t have a kid I bet you will scroll through their products and would pray to God to turn back time so you could travel with a Trunki. The most amazing part of Trunki’s website is the option to make your own Trunki (courtesy -Lucent). The website has a layout that gives you an option to chose colors for each and every part of the suitcase. Think of how much fun your kids will have choosing the colors of their liking.



How I wish every clothing website gave me such an option. 

Another website is Tayst. Tayst has an amazing collection of coffee. The customization done by Lucent on Tayst is that you can choose the number of cups of coffee you drink in a month. Think of all the subscriptions you have, do they end right before your next subscription is due ? Or do they end later or way sooner? Tayst gives you an option to choose the exact amount of cups you drink in a day or month.


Support - Be it an online store or an agency that aids an online store. Support and customer service is what matters the most. If something goes wrong there should be someone to help you out with the issues you face. If there is no after-sales or customer service no matter how much money or time you have spent it can all easily go to waste. Lucent gives you speedy and quality support for all the issues you face or are likely to face.

“Every customer should feel like they’re involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business”


Suggestions - Lucent will suggest you the features, customization, features you need on your website to attract and retain customers. Teabox, John jacobs eyewear, Big shoesThe Man company these big companies are an example of how Lucent has aced the presentation of the websites.


Third-party app relations- Lucent innovation will always take care that no apps they suggest disrupt any theme that the merchant has installed. As a third-party app, we have found the Lucent's team to be extremely cooperative and helpful. Lucent recommended Flits to more than 10 Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. These stores are being managed by Lucent and the merchants are happy with work that is done collectively by Flits and Lucent. This has been made possible due to our code structure that is easy to tweak. 

Lucent is like an interior decorator cum architect for your website. Whatever be your customization needs they are ready to fulfill it. Lucent innovations have been working with the Shopify community for more than 6 years. Their work speaks highly of their experience and expertise.