Flits integrated with Loox, now get photo reviews and give credits on photo reviews

Posted by Rashmi Singh on


Flits is back with amazing news for Shopify merchants. We are all set to provide you an integrated set up with LOOX - An app that lets you get photo reviews from your customers.


    What is Loox ?

    Today’s age is of Instagram and Tiktok. Writing mere words to appreciate or criticise a product isn’t enough. People need photo and video proofs to make sure the product at least appears the way as advertised. Loox is an app exactly for that. It allows customers to leave product reviews, but with pictures.


    What do the merchants gain with this Integration?

    There is no doubt that reviews are the best and probably the only free way to get your product positive advertisement. If done along with photographs, it gives more authenticity to your product reviews. These days it’s very easy to get paid reviews done. Photo reviews always seem more genuine than text ones. You can give extra credits for photo reviews prompting shoppers to leave a review.


    What do Customers gain from Photo reviews ?

    Majority online stores give credits for reviews and you get extra credits if the review is submitted along with Photos/ videos.


    How to use Loox integration with Flits?


    To use Loox in FlitsApp


    1. Go to the Flits Admin panel and click on Integrations



    2. Click on Enable



    If you want to use Loox integration with Flits, you need to install both the apps.