How to set up Best Loyalty Practices for a successful 2019

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The battle of attracting the customers is never ending, whether it is 1990, 2010, 2018 or 2019. Everyone wants to highlight their brand and wants to show it better from others. There is a crucial competition going out in the market between the retail marketers to stand out different among others.

The customer loyalty program plays a vital role in this competition. You must need some best in class loyalty programs to drive the customer’s attention towards you. So today we have curated a list of some top notch loyalty program ideas that will boost up your business with an improving customer connection in this coming year.

1. Change Reward Psychology: We need to first change the reward psychology for a better loyalty generating program. Just think, what attracts your customer more. Are they motivated by your advertisements or the customer service you provide them? It is definitely the service you provide them. The customers get motivated through the quality of products you offer them, by the reward you offer for their loyalty, and the connection you make with them.

2. Focus on Customer Engagement: The best way to keep the customers loyal to you is to keep them engaged with your store every time. And the best way to increase the engagement is making your loyalty program both transparent and approachable. You can highlight your schemes on your website and attract customers by showing them the benefits of joining your program. You can also offer a special discount to the regular customers to keep them loyal towards the store.

3. Improvise Customer experience: Customer experience is one of the most important aspects to take care of while thinking about loyalty practices. The better you treat the customer the more he/she is loyal to your brand. Try to treat your customer with a luxury experience. Give them a personalized experience of shopping from your store. Make their tour easy at your store with VIP treatment for them. All these efforts will definitely increase their loyalty towards your store.

4. Connect with Customers in their Language: “Conversation is the key to a successful relationship”. The quote goes with all kind of relationships whether it is a personal relationship or professional. You should always communicate with your customers via different sources of communication like SMS, emails, customer panel, social media, explainer page and much more. It would a cherry on the cake if you could convey your message in their language. It makes them feel like a member of your community. You can also use emojis as they add life to a message and are easier to understand than text.

5. Build Emotional Relationships with Customers: According to a study, the transactional relationship is no more attracting the customers towards any brand. They stay loyal to the brand if they find an emotional connect with it. Help customers to build good experiences from your store. Make them feel valuable with individual attention to every single customer, some well-designed reward program, solutions that fulfill their requirements.

So, these were some interesting perks for increasing customer loyalty this year. Apply these practices practically to your business and you will definitely notice a change in increasing customer loyalty at your business.