5 Services that are a must for your online store

Posted by Rashmi Singh on

Setting up an online store could be a tedious and intimidating task. You may have to refer a thousand blogs or watch several youtube tutorials and still end up with a messed up store. This is not just limited to setting up the store but various other tasks you have to perform after setting it up. Even though the online marketplace tries its best to make setting up more comfortable, there is a good chance that you may not be able to follow the steps. But you can always seek help from professionals without having to move from your couch. Isn’t that one of the benefits of an online store? You don’t need any physical presence to serve your customers. 

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Following are the 5 essential services you should seek :


1. Store set up consultation

When you assemble the furniture you bought from IKEA, you may lose a screw or a bolt. When you look at the furniture, it seems perfectly fine but is not sturdy because of the screw you missed while assembling the furniture. Same goes for online stores. Everything may look perfect when you preview your store, but there is a good chance of missing critical steps like theme choice and layout, the best way to set up navigation, apps to use, SEO setup etc.


2. Navigation setup

Whenever you have a guest over your place, you have to guide them where the washroom is, where the basin is. Similarly, when you have a customer visiting your online store, you have to make sure that they don’t face any difficulty navigating your store or finding the product they need. You properly should sort your products and add essential tags. You should not shy away from seeking help on such crucial steps.


3. Google analytics setup

Be it a blog, website or an online store google analytics is the one-stop solution for measuring the critical parameters of your performance. But setting up parameters on google analytics or even trying to find a way on how to use it can be a challenge in itself. Hence you need an expert who can help you utilize every benefit you can derive from it. If you compare, Google analytics is like a cellular phone with a lot of features. If you don’t know your way around it, you may end up just using it for calling, messaging and let the other features go to waste

You need it set up to protect your data as any wrong setting can lose all your data that can not be brought back, hiring a certified Google Analytics expert is a no brainer.


4. Store setup review

Anytime a customer buys a product online, he goes through several considerations to be sure of the product. The same should be applied while setting up the store. You need an expert set of eyes who can thoroughly check every nook and corner of your site. This is an integral part of branding. Do you think Amazon would have become a giant if they had a shabby website? Speed check, important information etc. should be taken care of before you offer your site to general customers.                                                                                         


5. Conversion report

Once you have set up your online store, there is a lot more you need to do. You need to make sure that your website will be able to convert visitors into customers. It is not enough that you have right products you also need to keep track of the “Conversions”. You need to make sure it is set up to convert with the proven tactics that thousands of stores have applied. A CRO expert can pinpoint areas to improve and gain as many conversions out of all your valuable traffic that you have worked hard to get to your store


But another question that arises is, where should we go to seek help? Should you hire a freelancer or a digital marketing company who probably doesn’t have a clue about the online marketplace? It is important to note that the requirements of an online store are different than a website or blog. Hence you need the help of experienced people who can make a quick perusal of your store and figure out what are its shortcomings. Luckily we know such a person who performs the above services along with a bunch of other services. His name is Steven Hudspith, and you can find him on Storetasker or Crowth.co.uk He has 30 years of retail experience, 5+ years in e-commerce. Helped hundreds of stores with great reviews