9 Must-have features on a Customer Account page for E-commerce

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Online shopping is often troublesome for the customer because it's mostly all about self-service. In a physical store, customers can take the help of the employees, but unfortunately, such an option is not available when it comes to online shopping. The customer can't call up your head office and ask for help at every step. Moreover, it will be difficult for your support staff to keep up with such queries. This is why you must give the customer an account page that is easier for them to access and gives them all the details and features in one place. A hassle-free online experience guarantees a returning customer. Here is a list of 9 features that provide great convenience, reliability, and flexibility to frequent shoppers.

Example of a proper customer account page

Must-have features of a customer account page :
      1. Detailed customer information 

        A basic customer account page must-have details like ''First name'', ''Last name'', "Contact". Apart from this, Gender and Birth-date are other important fields. The gender of the customer is an important aspect as it helps you determine your target customer and what they would prefer buying. Birth-date helps you determine their age. It also gives a fantastic opportunity to pamper your customers by giving them exciting offers on their birthday. The option to edit these details should also be there. 

      1. Order history 

        No one is fond of search history that Google keeps, but everybody loves Order Histories. Order history must contain the following

        • Order number
        • Order status
        • Name of the items
        • Total number of items ordered 
        • Quantity of each item ordered 
        • Thumbnail of the product for easy recognition
        • Order details with customer's addresses (for multiple addresses), contact and other required information 
        • Cost breakup
        • Payment mode

      1. Delivery addresses

        A single customer may have different delivery addresses so they must have an accessible and editable address directory of their own. Such an address list saves time while checking out.


      2. Re-order button

        A re-order button is another essential feature that online shopping websites must provide. The button can be given separately or just below every order. Food delivery apps offer this option in general, but it would be wise for other websites/apps to follow suit. It will help the customer in saving time while re-ordering a product in one click instead of going through the trouble of finding the product and placing the order.

      1. Recently viewed products

        This feature is often neglected but is an essential feature that any online shopping website must-have. While browsing through your products, the customer clicks on the product they are likely to buy. But in their quest to find a better product, they may quickly get back to browse other products. 

        What if after checking out ten products, the customer realizes that the other product they saw was the best one. How will the customer find the product? Do we leave them at the mercy of browser history or force them to go through all the products again. What if they are unable to find the product and ultimately decide to give up? Can we afford to lose the customer just because you were careless enough to not provide them with the option of "Recently viewed products"?

      1. Refund Policy

        Before any online purchase, a customer is concerned about the fact that how will they get a refund if they don't like the product. Questions like ''Will I get my money back directly into my account or will I get credit in shopping wallet'' go through the customer's mind. Often customers feel duped if the website fails to mention these terms and offer them credit in online wallets instead of returning the money in their bank accounts. Hence, refund policy becomes an important aspect when it comes to the online market. All the terms and conditions related to the refund policy should be available on a separate page. A Clearly stated policy will establish trust amongst your customers.


      2. Return Policy 

        Apart from the refund policy, the 'Return policy' is equally important. If you have a separate policy for certain products, mention it along with the product. Else a general return policy, terms, and conditions should be specified on the customer account page.

      1. 'Contact us' form

        More often than not, customers have trouble locating contact information about the company. The average monthly search of Amazon's contact information is around 100K-1Million. These numbers prove that one of the biggest online shopping platform's customers also have trouble locating contact information of the company. Customers may drop the idea of buying something if they can't find a way to contact you. The absence of a 'Contact Us' option may lead the customer to think that there is no redressal mechanism.

    1. Order tracking

      Once the customer has placed the order, they should not have trouble locating where their product is. A transparent order tracking system frees them from worrying about their order. They must be able to track whether the ordered product is still in the warehouse/has been shipped or has reached the local warehouse of the delivery company. No way of tracking the order is the biggest woe of any customer. They should not be forced to call customer care to track the order. Therefore Tracking ID and regular updates about the order must be provided. 

  • Conclusion:

    For an E-commerce site, the customer account page is the key to success. While building an e-commerce site for your online business, keep customer satisfaction in mind and you'll be rewarded with customer loyalty. Not only this it also gives the merchant easy access to the information they need about the customer and the orders they place. Hence, Every shopping website must have a robust and friendly account page.